vineri, 24 iunie 2016

Anais and new outfit!

Barbie Look Kayla

Diorama- "Ready to go to the hairsalon"

 The 2 sis are ready to left for the hair salon. The young one Nia wants to change her hair syale like her older sis Ayumi. 
Barbie made to move Kayla mold restyled hair- Ayumi
Barbie Made to move on Descendents Body- Nia- she will have a new hair style.
Clothes by Mattel.

luni, 13 iunie 2016

My birthday presents

Fashionistas curvy and a laundry.

Aren't they cute? And so active!

vineri, 27 mai 2016

New Fashionista Kayla 2016

She got a nice Japanise name Amaya.She will have a new body soon, but she looks pretty also like this.

marți, 24 mai 2016

Fashionistas 2016

The petit collection - Inara and Inua. They are great!