miercuri, 7 octombrie 2015

Ka-La new look

New Barbie Style are awesome. My Kayla mold Barbie style hase now a new look, an asian one.
Dress from Barbie clothes 2015.
Poppy Parker earrings.
The hair restyled by me.

duminică, 6 septembrie 2015

New Barbie in my collection

This month I bought 2 new barbie style 2015. Those dolls are amazing!I'm impressed by the new mold and clothes , but I must say that I'm very disapointed about the bodies that only have articulated hands. I changed the bodies of the dolls with articulated ones.
There are also Barbie Look Louboutin and Barbie Holiday 2014 Kayla mold .
Latest diorama: "End of summer in the garden"

miercuri, 5 august 2015

OOAK Medieval lady

My latest OOAK doll is an hibrid from DG head and Barbie body. She wears a medieval "romanic" dress with accessories , hairstyle and jevelery inspired from that age.

Poppy parker 2015 gorgeous ideas!

This year PP is more beautiful than before. She changed a little bit the style, the make-up the clothes. Isn't she lovely?

sâmbătă, 1 august 2015

"Good morning darling what do we have at breakfast?"

A morning scene with Barbie Silkstone lingerie and her partner Barbie Allen vintage. The furniture is Barbie Malibu Ave bakery, repainted.

vineri, 31 iulie 2015

I'm back!

Since a long time I didn't wright on my blog....I think it's time to came back. So let's begin with my newest dolls, Silkstone Barbies.

miercuri, 25 decembrie 2013

News for 2014 - Laser Leatherette Dress Barbie Doll

Oh yes! This doll is a nice dream for collectors! redhead, Lara mold, leather clothes. I love it. She just need a new body ;) Do you agree?