luni, 30 ianuarie 2017

OOAK Monster High

Frankenstein's Bride is an OOAK that I made in january 2017-
Frankie repaint, is  wearing a wedding dress that combine the late 19 century style with the 18 century hairstyle. She's a hybrid conception with an unique make-up and style.

miercuri, 14 decembrie 2016

Egyptian moments

Cleo and Nefera make a make-up.

marți, 13 decembrie 2016

marți, 6 decembrie 2016

Christmas OOAK Monster High doll

Cleo wears an elf dress, a santa hat , white winter boots and a nacklace.

joi, 1 decembrie 2016

OOAK Dracula's Bride Monster High

This is one of my newest MH OOAK. She wears a wedding dress in black and white, , hat and a black flower bouquet.
She's a combination of vampire theme and purity.
Isn't cute ;)?