joi, 1 aprilie 2010

Hainute noi pentru Fashion Royalty. New clothes for FR girls

Nu va vine sa credeti ce superbe pot fi hainele Fashion Royalty! Am comandat recent pe ebay acest paltonas "Vanessa in Bloom" si sacoul violet "Festive Decadence Agnes von Weiss" . Sacoul cerea o completare, si cum nu am castigat rochita pe ebay, m-am decis sa ii fac o fusta in acelasi gen. Va place ?

Bijuteriile papusilor sunt create de mine, iar pantofii sunt Poppy Parker.
Un amgalgam elegent si superb as zice, voi ce parere aveti?
Manechine : Veronique Perrin si Dania Zarr.

This gorgeous clothes I win on ebay last week. They are "Vanessa in Bloom" coat and "Festive Decadence Agnes von Weiss" jacket. The shoes are Poppy Parker.
I had to create also a skirt for this jacket, so I relaise one inspired from the original ensemble Festive Decadence. Do you like it?

Jewellery made by me.
Models: Dania Zarr , Varonique Perrin

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