sâmbătă, 12 iunie 2010

Eve Kitten OOAK, e cowgirl si e super sexi!

"Eve Kitten Gotham", a suferit in urma cu catva timp o schimbare benefica de corp( fiind un prototip basic avea corpul original nearticulat, acum insa are un corp de Dynamite Girls). In varianta OOAK cowgirl, superba Gothateea isi arata din nou charmul irezistibil...
Eve Kitten Gotham, one of the basic most beaufiful doll from Integrity Toys, has now a new Dynamite Girls body.
Her name is Gothateea and she's for the moment an OOAK cowgirl.
Isn't she gorgeous?

3 comentarii:

  1. E pur si simplu superba. Imi plac la nebunie jacheta si cizmele

  2. Ma bucur ca iti place, e unul din costumele care ii vin cel mai bine...iti dau dreptate, e o papusa superba ;)

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