duminică, 24 octombrie 2010

Barbie Secret spell part II

Iat-o in sfarsit si pe papusica mea si nu numai! Le-am rugat pe fete, Gothateea(Kayla), Sihaya (Fantasy mermaid, Kayla), Nemessis (Secret spell 2003, Kayla) si Caliente(Monsieur Z , Summer babes, Caliente) sa ma ajute sa realizez un aranjament de toamna pentru Halloween si iata ce-a iesit:)

I asked my girls to help me make the halloween arranging. So they turn to work....
I present you my sweet redhead Kaylas, Gothateea,Sihaya ( Fantasy mermaid) Nemessis (Secret spell 2003) and Caliente (Summer Babes , Monsieur Z)
I think they made great work, what do you think?

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