marți, 3 ianuarie 2012

Steffi Love Rainy Days

Dragalasa in pelerina ei de ploaie roz cu cizmulite si umbrela, aceasta Steffi mi se pare foarte reusita. Papusa exista in doua variante roz si ciclam si se deosebeste de alte Steffi prin faptul ca are maini articulate.

This Steffi Love is very cute , she wears rain clothes and a umbrella. She also has articulated hands.

5 comentarii:

  1. Hi from SpAin, i,m amazed whith your collection of dioramas and dolls. I like everything, potos, furniture, Barbies... I,m a amateur to Barbies and i have a blog that i invite you to visir, if you want to keep in touch blog to blog

  2. Hi Marta and thanks for your kind words. Of course I'm interested on your blog and I also put your link here on my page. See you!

  3. silvia
    unde le-ai gasit, si eu mi le doresc, poti sa ma ajuti?


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