marți, 21 februarie 2012

2011 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection the movie

Am aflat de la Doru ca Mattel a facut anul trecut pentru seria Barbie Fashion Model Collection2011 un filmulet realizatpornind de la acelasi gen de diorame ca cele de anul acesta .
Astept seria de anul asta, dar pana atunci delectati-va cu Barbie collector in Rusia.

Last year Mattel made a short movie for the Barbie Fashion Model Collection, using the same technique as for the dioramas form 2012. I hope we can see soon a movie f
or 2012 too. Until than let's see Barbie in Rusia Collection 2011.

3 comentarii:

  1. Hello from Spain: I love the video with the Russian Barbie. She is one of my favorites. The smoke gives you three very realistically the diorama. The Barbie with pigtails and regional dress is also very good. Thank you for teaching video. I do not know. We remain in contact blog blog

  2. I'm not a fun of the Russin dolls, but I like a lot this movie too.

  3. Foarte marfa filmuletul. Papusile astea cu Rusia sunt singurele Silkstone pe care chiar mi le doresc, sper ca pe viitor sa le si am :p


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