miercuri, 2 mai 2012

Nikky a venit in sfarit! Nikky it's finally here!

Nikky, noua Fashionista nergresa, a ajuns intr-un final la mine. Ambele papusi sunt din seria Fashionistas, cealata insa, are un alt corp.

4 comentarii:

  1. Felicitari,sunt dragute,imi place masinuta,sunt atat de adorabile in pozele tale ;))

  2. Mersi, si mie mi s-a parut ca li se potriveste masinuta asta roz, cum sunt ele negre :)

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations for this wonderful entry in the garden. I like the car and your fashionista is very pretty. You made a great buy. I love to see on your blog these dioramas filled with precious details. Keep in touch

  4. Thanks Marta, I like a lot to do dioramas, and to work to details. The articulated dolls are perfect for dioramas.


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