marți, 5 iunie 2012

Conventia Integrity Toys 2012 - "Tropicalia"

"Vreti sa evadati intr-un paradis tropical? Sau mai bine zis, n-ati visat niciodata sa locuiti pe o insula exotica, unde orice vis al vostru sa devina realitate? Baronesa Agnes Von Weiss, cu siguranta a visat la asta , iar acum are nevoie de prietenii ei, pentru a face ca visul sa devia realitate!"
Aceasta este logo-ul celor de la FR pentru Conventia Tropicalia 2012. Integrity promite o colectie extravaganta, incendiara si peste toate astea exotica!
Conventia se va tine in Florida, la hotelul Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort din Orlando, in perioada 27-29 septembrie 2012.
Eu una abia astept sa vad ce ne-au pregatit!

"Have you ever wanted to escape to a tropical paradise? Better yet, have you ever wanted to own an island where your every wish would become reality? Baroness Agnes Von Weiss did and now she needs her Fashion Royalty friends to help make that dream a perfect reality!"
This is the presentation of the Integrity Toys Convention 2012  Tropicalia, that will take place in  Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida from September 27th-29th, 2012. They promise extravagant, glamour and tropical passion dolls! I can wait to see them!

4 comentarii:

  1. Suna foarte bine tema conventiei. Sper sa apara si poze in septembrie cu noile papusi. Chiar m-ai facut foarte curios in privinta noilor colecti

  2. Hello from Spain: what a pity! that Florida is so far from my country. The convention is always wonderful. The doll collection is very pretty. Thanks for the information. Keep in touch

  3. Yes great pity! I'll be happy too , to go there, but I have the same problem. I hope I can buy a least some of the convention dolls.


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