vineri, 29 iunie 2012


Aceasta serie de papusi -IT Direct dolls -dedicate anotimpurilor este de fapt o editie basics, exclusivista. Papusa are unul din mulajele Dynamite Girls si poarta o frumoasa rochie de matase de coloarea soarelui verii cu pantofi asortati. Numele ei este evident "Summer" si este a doua papusa a seriei.
E adorbila nu?

Introducing "Summer", the second in a sleek series of four basic IT Direct dolls inspired by the colors of the four seasons! Designed with collectors in mind, "Summer" features a fully articulated body, a silky, soft, simple hairstyle and a totally swank cocktail dress with matching shoes, just asking to strike a pose in front of your camera! Each doll in this lovely and simple basic series will be perfect to redress and play with. These girls will make a nice addition to your collection or a great gift for someone you love!


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Sweaters for cold weather

                                           The girls spend their time in the autumn house and wear the first clothes for fall.