miercuri, 15 august 2012

Lilac Frost Poppy Parker 2012

Realizata pentru Clubul Integrity (W Club) aceasta superba editie rara 2012, combina primele machiaje Poppy (amintind de Pillow Talk) cu ochii verzi, parul roscat si buzele coral. Imbracata clasic si elegant ,ca de fiecare data, papusa place prin gingasie si sofisticare.

Povestea ei se desfasora la New York, unde intr-o dimineata geroasa, d-ra Parker , o aspiranta la postul de model, cu mari sanse internationale, porneste intr-o dimineata  pe Fifth Avenue catre catre sediul agentiei, dupa ce, cu suficient timp inainte, si-a batut capul sa-si gaseasca cea mai potrivita toaleta pentru aceasta aparitie.
Ce ziceti o vor alege pe ea? :)))

There is a brisk chill this early morning in New York City.  Miss Poppy Parker is on Fifth Avenue on her way to not just any Go-See.  She will be seen by a room full of casting agents, ad executives, art directors and event coordinators who will decide if she will be selected from the hundreds of other models.  She hopes those extra acting classes she has been taking on the weekends pay off and put her on top.  If chosen, she’ll be a spokes-model of International proportion!  
Miss Parker spent a week shopping for just the right look for this day.  Poppy’s lovely green eyes and painted lashes are accentuated by lovely lilac and beige eye shadow.  Her lips are a soft coral.  She styled her lovely golden blond hair into a side parted flip.  It is a chic, yet young look.  The same could be said for her ensemble.  Her suit is in pale lilac brocade with a warm white fur trim collar.  It is topped off with a frosted raspberry flocked hat.  She accessorized her look with white gloves, white heels and her favorite “leather” handbag.  A lavender diamond bracelet and earrings complete this look of success.  “Lilac Frost” Poppy Parker uses the “Japan” skin tone.  Wish her luck!

Credit: http://www.shugashug.com/2012/08/12/lilac-frost-poppy-parker/

4 comentarii:

  1. Hello from Spain: the new Poppy is wonderful. She wears a very nice and elegant clothes. I love this doll .. Keep in touch

  2. I'm also very fascinated on her. I like a lot her face paint ant the winter theme of her clothes.

  3. Este absolut superba. Hainele sunt bestiale si sunt sigur ca cei de la agentie o vor alege pe ea :D. Poppy este unica


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