joi, 27 septembrie 2012

Integrity dolls convention Tropicalia

Au aparut azi pe Flickr caetva poze de la Conventia Tropicalia. Ca o prima parere, unele papusi si haine mi se par un deja- vu , ma asteptam la ceva tropical, exotic, incendiar, asa cum sugera si numele. Imi plac insa cele doua Poppy si cateva din noile caractere.

First photos from Tropicalia convention now on Flickr

4 comentarii:

  1. They are all beautiful! Is that Colette in that white dress?! She is working it :)

  2. Yes, she is, gorgeous dress, hair and pose.

  3. Hello from Spain: I would like going to this convention. It is very far! A pity!! The dolls and clothes are luxurious. The photos of the parade are very nice .. We keep in touch.

  4. Yes this is very far, but I'm glad there are Barbie convention in Europe too. Next year will be a BC in Paris.


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