luni, 8 octombrie 2012

Barbie Pajama Fun Set

Nu vi se par adorbile cele doua Chelsea in pijama? Ce-i drept acest mulaj imi place mai mult decat Kelly si ma bucur ca Mattel se joaca cu el tot mai frecavent in ultima vreme.Rochitele si accesoriile mi se par foarte reusite, imi place si popcorn-ul ;)) Papusile sunt de vanzare aici.

Aren't they cute? I like Chelsea mold more than Kelly and I'm glad Mattel use it often in the present. Yoi can bay the dolls here.

Un comentariu:

  1. Hello from Spain: I love this set with the two Chelseas. In my city is not even on sale. I'll buy it ... It is very cute. Keep in touch


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