joi, 31 ianuarie 2013

Poppy Parker Sweet Confection

"Intr-o zi ploioasa...dupa o lunga calatorie in jururl lumii, Poppy a ajuns in sfarsit acasa...."

Povestea ei este f complicata, a calatorit intr-adevar inainte si inapoi vreo doua luni , fiind trimisa unui destinatar gresit, apoi retrimisa mie. Dupa vreo 5 drumuri la posta si nu stiu cate mailuri, a ajuns zilele astea.
Surprinzator ieri a ajuns cu o viteza f mare, din Grecia, si alta papusa dupa care am tanjit mult, dar despre ea in articolul viitor...

Poppy poarta superbul ei costum alb cu albastru , la care am asortat si o umbrela "Barbie Rain or Sun".

Ce ziceti a meritat asteptarea?

"In a rainy day, after a long journey around the world Poppy finally arrived home".
Her story is very strange , she was shipped to another person, she turn back to the seller and than she was send here. I had to wait 2 month for her and go 5 times to the postal office to find out what is happend to her.
She arrived 3 days ago, and after that yesterday my second doll arrived , very quickly this time. I will tell about her too in another post.

She wears a Barbie Rain or sun umbrella.

2 comentarii:

  1. Hello from Spain, i like very much this umbral la. Is IT Mattel? The outfit is gorgeous. I can not wait to see your new doll. This is my favorite. Keep in touch

  2. Yes the umbrella is Mattel, but the rest is the original Poppy outfit. I'm glad you like her! :)


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