luni, 18 februarie 2013


Vorbim cu adevarat despre o colectie heteroclita, care va combina stiluri, materiale si culori neasteptate.
Prima piesa a acesteia este costumul 40's compus din 4 piese + accesorii. Bluza din matase cu buline este accesorizata cu o esarfa din acelasi material si completata de o fusta de piele rosie cu talie inalta , decorata cu 4 nasturi. Pantofii retro sunt repictati, asa cum ati vazut in articolul anterior, iar plasa de shopping intregeste compozitia si creaza un contrast puternic.

This is the first piece of my new collection. I used a 40's line as inspiration, and I created a silk blouse and scarf with a leather dress. The shoes are repainted . 

4 comentarii:

  1. Mersi si mie imi plac fustle cu talie mai inalta, parca dau impresia de suplete si eleganta.

  2. Hello from Spain: very cool. Great job. I love the red leather skirt and high waist. Moles are my favorites. Red is always my color. This doll is awesome. Keep in touch

  3. Thank you! Her mole is not actually real is photoshopped but she looks more sexy with it, doesn't she? I like this color combination too and we also have a spring holiday in March using that colors.So it is in trend! :)


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