joi, 18 iulie 2013

Kia - "My trip story in Polynesia"

Faceti cunostiinta cu Poppy Pretty In Polinesia! E splendida nu?
Si o povestioara....

Kia's letter from French Polynesia.
"Oh GOD! I spent this summer holiday in Bora Bora, one of  the most beautiful places on Earth!
And I also met my sweet guy from Polynesia - Afu.
Oh gosh, I think he loves me back! "
Love Kia

4 comentarii:

  1. E minunatat. Indiferent de supararile d ela vama, a meritat.

  2. Da, dupa ce am facut pozele mi-a trecut supararea ;)

  3. Hello from Spain, i like very much your pics and outfits beach. Great post. Romantic friends. Keep in touch

  4. Thanks Marta, this new doll inspired me to do such of beautiful pics ;)


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